Top 10 Best Journals For Scientific Publishing

Each scientific study requires time, effort, investments and relevant materials. However, all the hard work done will not get a chance to be assessed by fellow scientists if it remains unavailable for them, meaning in a published form. The scientist’s goal is to get his or her message to the public and convey an idea and result to a greater number of colleagues and other parties as a whole. In that case the rating of the scientific journal the study is published in plays an important role, since the more respectable it is, the more people will see the publication.

The Top 10 Scientific Journals

  • National Geographic takes the leading position among scientific journals. This magazine is published in a great number of countries, it is translated into 33 languages, its audience is about 40 million people, while its circulation is more than 4 million copies. National Geographic publishes unique photographs and science, history, archeology and culture exclusives. All that makes National Geographic so popular with scientists;
  • Scientific American is the oldest scientific journal in the US, the first copies have been published in 1845. Scientists have been a target audience of the magazine at first, however now more and more people from different areas of life start reading SciAM. Scientists from every corner of the world are able to publish and disclose their ideas in Scientific American;
  • Discover, first published in 1980, the magazine has easily gained confidence of the audience. Despite the fact that some serious articles and researches are published here, Discover also attracts readers with psychology articles;
  • Popular Mechanics, one of the most popular science journals in the world. Popular Mechanics has been first published on January 11, 1980 and has a circulation of more than a million copies;
  • eLife is a scientific journal which covers different branches of science starting from neuroscience ending with plant biology. The magazine was established in 2012 and has already published more than 280 articles. Special attention is paid to the studies by young scientists;
  • PLoS ONE is one of seven journals published by the Public Library of Science which covers biology researches;
  • Popular Science, well-known magazine which is distributed in more than 45 countries of the world and which has won a great number of awards;
  • The journal of Archaeological Science is popular with scientists and archaeologists from all around the globe. This magazine publishes archaeological articles, academic research works and reviews;
  • European Researcher. Series A is an international online journal which publishes research works covering the fields of economy, philosophy, science, culture, politics and law;
  • Nature Reviews Immunology, a monthly medical journal publishing reviews and articles which cover all areas of immunology starting from fundamental mechanisms and ending with applied science.

Any scientist can apply to publishing his or her studies in international magazines or journals in order to pursue professional passions and win deserved recognition of the colleagues.

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  1. it is very unfortunate that with the development of the Internet, journals go to the past…

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