Sarah Greene Resume

Experienced professional in the field of publishing and new media. Her professional activity is focused on  biology, medicine, and health. Mrs Greene has more than 25 years of experience and three successful startups which she successfully sold to media giants. Among her best professional skills are editorial ones, business taste, and leadership. Outcomes of Sarah’s work always have such a distinctive feature as a high quality, amazing design and advanced technologies.

Executive Director,  Cancer Commons

A special media product designed to help and positively inform cancer patients. The objective of project are: a) provide each patient with the best possible result by individual-tailored treatment in accordance with specifics of their diagnosis; b) be very attentive to every patient’s response by creating professional teams of MDs, physicians, scientists and patients, c) quickly distribute true and useful information to  the next patient. For these objectives the organization created tools, built processes, and reputation metrics that altogether worked to the common benefit and the best possible result.

Editor-in-Chief, Faculty of 1000,

01/2010 – 04/2012, London

In this capacity was fully responsible for strategy and  editorial operation – all of post-publication peer-review subscription service. It targeted  biology and medical fellows, enlisting about more that 4,950 top-level Faculty Members and about 5,000 of their junior associates. All these scientists made up top 2% of published scholarly research.

Editor-in-Chief, The Scientist LLC,

12/2009 – 11/2011, New York and London

Wrote editorials and developed original content and for printed media focused on  biology and medical scientists. Created and edited feature article content and was popular columnist for such rubrics as  Thought Experiment, Speaking of Science, and Hidden Jewels. Made a good career being promoted  to Director with broader functions until magazine was sold.

Managing Editor, Journal of Participatory Medicine,

06/2009 – 04/2010, New York

Co-founded and started an online journal dedicated to record of how patient participation influence results in health care process. Stated as one of the developers of publishing social media platform and Open Journal Systems. Closely cooperated with editorial team, top management and authors to provide the best informational product in this field.

Advisor and Chief Content Officer, Keas Inc.

Nov 2008 – present, San Francisco and New York

Joined new medical start-up, namely online platform to combine personal data with health content in order to  clarify diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment. As CCF was responsible for original and licensed text and creation content for multimedia as well as SEO strategy.

Product Director, Online Health, The New York Times,

2006 – 2008, New York

Cooperated with newsroom, IT, design and business departments for developing original content in wellness and disease. That time portal was the main source of information for those who cared about their health.

Among rubrics and columns was consults – medical blog writing about urgent issues and the most spread diseases. Patient Voices represented a series if audio bites with patients talking about what they came through combating specific diagnosis.

Upon request New Times can provide reference letters and positive readers’ feedback.

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