How To Find Investors For Your Scientific Research

Today the science is highly valued. It is really an interesting sphere of work. Scientific development leads the world forward. It fosters industrial development and increases well-being of society. Many students pursue a dream of becoming scientists in certain fields of knowledge, but this path demands knowledge, patience and persistence.

What Can Stop Your Scientific Career DevelopmenT

There are several reasons that can slow the development of scientific career down:

  • Irregular development of scientific fields around the world. It often happens the topic you work in is relevant in your country only, and in other countries such research is not relevant. It makes scientist locked within national frames. It becomes harder to work
  • Financing. This is a very sensitive topic. Usually young scientists suffer from insufficient  financing and are not able to conduct the research. However, in this article we will learn possible ways to get necessary financing for scientific projects.

These two reasons are barriers to development of scientific career.

Ways To Get The Financing For Scientific Research


Today, science is extremely important and therefore it is valuable. It is necessary both for society and private investors. Therefore, these two parties are interested in putting enough money to get  good research results.

  1. Private investors are willing to invest money into scientific research. There is only one requirement to be met. The research has to be within their business field. It is important for business players because it is a chance to diversify business and get good profits in future. Potential funds from such investors are considerable. If you failed to get such financing, but the research is extremely important for you and you hope to draw the public’s attention to it in future, when the study will be over, take a personal loan. Borrowed money will cover your expenses until investor’s cash arrives. By the way banks are issuing money to pursue scientific purposes rather willingly; however, you again have to prove that your research will be valuable for industry, business, health care, education, etc.
  2. You can apply to get grant money from big governmental institutions. European Union is one of the examples of such organizations. It created a whole program to provide financing to scientists. It is called Horizon 2020. This type of financing covers all types of costs that occur during research. You can have living allowance and expenses for conferences covered.

It is not easy to get funding, but it is possible. Just make sure your research is truly valuable and that you can actually represent it, or, in other words, “sell” it to potential investors.

Personal Qualities That Will Ensure Your Success

In order to get funding for your research, you have to be emotionally prepared to face all difficulties that may appear. You need:

  • strong  character. A scientist has to be persistent. It is very important.
  • preparedness to critique. Some people may be very sensitive to critique, especially concerning their projects. But scientists have to be open to critical discussion of their work. If the scientific project needs changes, these changes should be implemented

Remember, it can be hard, but it is possible to find the way to develop your scientific career.

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